Have Fun with Farm Animals! Visit Mother Farm in Chiba.

Basic Info:

Location: Futtsu, Chiba
Highlights: Farm animals, animal shows, flower fields, fruit picking, crafts workshop, shopping
Good for: Friends, families, couples, pets
Admission Fees:
Same-day Tickets
Adult – JPY 1,500
Child – JPY 800
Dog – JPY 600
Pre-sold Tickets
Adult – JPY 1,350
Child – JPY 700
*Sold at ticket machines (Loppi, Famiport, etc.) in convenience stores
With Round-trip JR Tickets
Adult – JPY 8,400
Child – JPY 6,000
*Sold at JR View Plaza inside JR Stations and Ekinet (Japanese only)
9:00-17:00 on weekends and holidays/9:30-16:30 on weekdays (Feb to November)
9:30-16:00 on weekends and holidays/10:00-16:00 on weekdays (December to January)
By Train – Take the JR train from Tokyo Station to Kimitsu Station/Sanukimachi Station
By Highway Bus – Take the bus from Tokyo Station to Kimitsu Station
*There’s a shuttle for Mother Farm at Kimitsu Station
Official English Website: http://www.motherfarm.co.jp/en/


Date Visited: March 25, 2017

Tickets to Mother Farm have cute animal designs.

The last time I wrote about Mother Farm, I didn’t go in-depth. I went again earlier this year, and given how lovely the place is, I think it deserves an article that talks more about its charms.

Mother Farm is an attraction park that allows its guests to interact with farm animals. It is part of a larger, operational farm that can only be accessed by visitors through the limited daily tours the park offers.

Feed the goats!

The first thing that will greet you when you enter the farm are the vast green fields that extend to the horizon. Coming from Tokyo, this scenery alone makes the trip worth it. Seasonal flowers are also among the park’s appeal, and it transforms according to the season. I was lucky enough to catch sight of bright yellow rape blossoms (nanohana) back in March.

IMG_4884 2.JPG

The farm offers a variety of shows, events and hands-on experiences that take place at different locations at different times. It takes a bit of a walk from one location to another, so you will have to plan wisely. The schedule is published on the pamphlets that you can find in the information center.

IMG_1403 2
The flower fields of Mother Farm make perfect photo ops.

Here are the activities we got to do on our visit.

Bunny House
Guests are given towels and gloves and can hold bunnies or hamsters for around 20-30 minutes.

Warm and fluffy, these bunnies love cuddles as much as we do.

Sheep Show
Dogs and sheep go on stage with a trainer to show their latest tricks. There’s a portion of the show where volunteers can go on stage and feed baby sheep. My friend Mihyun was the only adult among other kids, but she enjoyed it.

Dogs resting on tufts of fluff

The farm offers a cow-milking activity,  but last year, both Mihyun and I felt a bit uncomfortable participating because the cows didn’t look too happy. The event takes place a few times a day, but visitors can visit the cow area any time. There’s also a shop that sells dairy products here, and the soft-serve ice cream is a must-try. It’s one of the creamiest I’ve ever tasted!

This sweetie likes head pats.

Piglet Race
This is a fun show for families. Kids can join and herd piglets to reach the finish line while parents watch and take pictures.

Run, piggies, run!

Horseback Riding
I tried this last year and it was a pretty fun experience. Those who just want to try riding a horse can opt for one loop around a small area , while those who want an extended lesson are taken for a longer ride. Additional fee required.

IMG_8367 2
Yui wouldn’t leave without riding a horse.

Two new attractions that we didn’t see last year are the bungee jump and zip-line. For JPY 1,300, you can choose either of the two. The zip-line course has two tracks, and the jump-off point for the second one is scarier than the first.

IMG_5144 2
Mihyun screamed all the way. The whole farm probably heard her.

Other attractions in the farm include fruit picking, craft making and whipping up sweets such as jam, butter and chocolate. We didn’t get to try these because of the limited time.

The Verdict
Whether you’re going with family or friends, Mother Farm has a lot to offer. It’s a good way to introduce kids to animals and a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends. When Tokyo gets too busy and crowded to your liking, hop on a train and spend quiet time in Chiba instead.

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