Kawasaki Warehouse: A Visual Treat for Fans of the Decrepit

Date visited: September 8, 2018

A game center reminiscent of old Kowloon.

Kawasaki Warehouse 02 Neon Sign
A bright red neon sign spells out “Kowloon Villa” inside Kawasaki Warehouse.

At the heart of it, Kawasaki Warehouse, also known as Anata no Warehouse (あなたのウェアハウス), is a game and entertainment center geared towards adults. What makes it stand out among others is its attempt to recreate the walled city of Kowloon, the once overpopulated city of Hong Kong that largely went ungoverned by the authorities. This lawless city, sprawling with crime and prostitution has inspired many works of fiction, which makes Kawasaki Warehouse a must-see for enthusiasts of the dark and grimy.

Having played video games like Shenmue and Fear Effect in my childhood, my curiosity was piqued the moment I stumbled upon photos of Kawasaki Warehouse. The arcade is located in Kanagawa Prefecture and is an easy 30-40 minutes away from central Tokyo.

Kawasaki Warehouse 01 Front
Front Entrance of Kawasaki Warehouse (Kanagawa Prefecture)

With its seemingly faded and rusty exterior, the game center is easy to spot in Kawasaki, which looks like your typical developed area outside the capital, with big shopping malls and cinema complexes. Kawasaki seems to have a thing for developing areas that replicate foreign locations, as the nearby entertainment complex called LA CITADELLA is designed to give off an Italian feel.

Kawasaki Warehouse 03 Entrance
Into the darkness.

As you enter Kawasaki Warehouse, the doors slide open with a loud puff of air—the kind you hear from old sci-fi movies—as if signaling your entry to a dark fantasy. You are greeted with dim, red lighting next, walls and fake windows with faded paint, as well as an audio of conversations in Cantonese,  played in a loop. Peek through the window near the entrance and you get a naughty surprise: a doll in a state of undress lies on a narrow bed.

Kawasaki Warehouse 04 Sleeping Beauty
Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club?

Entering further, the extent to which Kowloon is replicated becomes apparent in the minute details—neon signs that give the city some semblance of light, tiny apartments that sitting on top of each other, clothes left out to dry, and meat hanging from hooks—the arcade successfully creates a surreal atmosphere any gamer or fantasy lover would be crazy about.

Outside the grim atmosphere, the rest of the game center is typical in its collection of games, with a few vintages ones to boot.

A portion of the Kowloon-themed areas can be enjoyed on the upper floors, but most of it stops on the first one. The second to fourth floors of the building resembles a casino, with slot machines, billiards, and darts among the array of entertainment. I found these areas scarier than the first floor, to be honest. Kawasaki also has a reputation for being less safe than other parts of Japan, and the looks that people gave when I happen to pass by are rather intimidating.

Kawasaki Warehouse 14 Slot Machines
The second floor looks like a casino, complete with people wearing Aloha shirts.

Still, I’d recommend visiting Kawasaki Warehouse for the fun of it. Whether you’re into arcade games or you just want to get a kick out of the creepy atmosphere, the game center won’t disappoint.

Kawasaki Warehouse 16 Exit
Careful! My phone nearly fell into the water as I exited. The video game gods were kind to save it from absolute doom. 

How to Get There

Kawasaki Warehouse (あなたのウェアハウス, Anata no Weahausu)
Google Maps URL
10-minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station
Business Hours:
Mon to Fri – 09:00-23:45
Sat, Sun and holidays – 07:00-23:45
*Guests 18 years old and below not allowed


15 thoughts on “Kawasaki Warehouse: A Visual Treat for Fans of the Decrepit

  1. Weird yet cool at the same time! I love how they kept the old decrepit feel to the Kawasaki warehouse. To think beyond those rusty walls and crazy visual sights is an arcade and modern casino. Think your comment on the scary gamblers on the top floors creeping you out made me laugh cause I have had that experience in Las Vegas before….never mess with a video poker vet.


  2. Wow, what a fascinating place. I’m not a gamer, but I’d visit just for the creepy ambiance. The detail that has gone into this is amazing – a gamers dream, I’m sure!


  3. Love the décor of the Kawasaki Warehouse, such an interesting game center! I would love to check it out just because dark and grimy can be a lot of fun… especially being greeted by that doll


  4. I would love to experience that creepy atmosphere of Kawasaki Warehouse. The place has wonderful interiors and gives the full feel too. The doll is so damn real. Loved the complete look of this place and you have captured it so well.


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