Summer in Japan: 4 Essential Household Items to Have

Summer in Japan can have its fair share of horrors. With the excruciating heat and the suffocating humidity, keeping your home fresh and clean can be more challenging than usual. If you’re new to navigating Japanese products, here’s a few things I highly recommend stocking up on.

Doraipetto Dehumidifying Beads

One of the first problems I encountered spending my first summer in Japan was that no matter how much I washed my clothes and used fragrant fabric softeners, they didn’t smell as fresh after they’d been stored in drawers. I realized later on that this was because of mildew that thrives in high humidity. One of the best ways to combat this is to get dehumidifying beads.

For this, Doraipetto (ドライペット) gets the job done. It’s usually available in drug stores, supermarkets and home centers, and comes in different variations. I get the ones for chest drawers, which comes in rectangle packs that you can put

Fragrance Packets

Taking care of humidity is one thing, keeping clothes smelling nice is another. Fragrance packets usually help with this.

Mushūdā (ムシューダー) comes in small scented packets that you can put in your drawer chest. They are usually good for a year. There are also fragrance packs that you can hang for clothes that you prefer not to fold.

Cool Sheets and Pillows

These are a major life saver. Bed sheets, mattress covers, futon covers, pillow cases and blankets made from smooth, cooling fabric help you good, quality sleep. If you don’t like cranking up the AC, these are good investments, too.

Kabi Kirā Mold Killer

Mold is among the things you particularly have to watch out for in summer. Bathtubs and sinks are favorite targets, which is why it’s good to have a mold spray in handy.

Kabi Killer (カビキラー) is my go-to product, and because I live in an old apartment, I usually go for the large-sized one. Just spritz the product onto affected areas, leave it for an hour, and then give it an ample rinse. As simple as it is, it works like a charm.

Buying Through Amazon Japan

The products I listed above can be found in most drug stores, supermarkets, department stores and home centers. If you plan on buying through Amazon Japan, please consider using the links above. A portion of the sales will go to Tokyo Past 3 and I’d be grateful for any support you’d be willing to give. Have a happy summer ahead!


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