Expressing Annoyance in Japanese s it just me or do we Filipinos tend to click our tongues a lot? I didn't really notice until a Japanese friend pointed it out. Although, at that time I was deliberately being difficult, because sometimes emasculating my guy friends is my twisted way of showing fondness or affection.


Trailing Thoughts in Okutama

Located at the fringes of western Tokyo, Okutama is a town that offers the quiet majesty of nature to anyone who drops by for a visit. I walked the Otama Trail for my first ever solo hike, which gave way to a lot of reflection.

Mental Health Counseling in Japan: A Horror Story

For foreigners living in Japan, mental health care is even more challenging as choices are limited and practices are sometimes left unchecked. This video is about a terrible experience I had with an American counselor in Tokyo. It still baffles me how this person is allowed to practice to this day, given that his behavior is offensive and questionably legal.

Mother Farm in Chiba

A three-hour ride from Tokyo Station, Mother Farm is a good place to visit if you want a relaxed day trip where you can be surrounded by lush greenery and adorable animals.

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