What to Eat in Hiroshima

Date Visited: December 19-20, 2017

Hiroshima may often be associated with atomic bombs and WWII, but outside its tragic past, Hiroshima is also a place of arresting scenery and mouthwatering eats. I went to Hiroshima City and Miyajima Island in mid-December and here are some of my tastiest finds.

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When in Shizuoka, Eat Oden

Whenever September rolls in, convenience stores in Japan can be seen stocking stainless steel containers near the counter. Inside, an array of various ingredients—boiled eggs, sausages, fish cakes, radish, etc.—all soaked in brownish broth. This is oden, a traditional Japanese comfort food often enjoyed in the cold weather. Although popular in fall and winter, it can be eaten all year round, with stalls and restaurants that specialize in making them. Continue reading “When in Shizuoka, Eat Oden”

How to Ride the Moomin Train in Chiba

Isumi Railway is best known for its Moomin Train, fashioned after the beloved Finnish series of the same name. Running along the Bōsō Peninsula, these yellow train cars take its passengers through Chiba’s green fields and historic towns, and is especially popular in spring as cherry and rape blossoms (菜の花) frame the landscape.

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Sweet Flavors of Fall: Enjoying Sweets in Japan

Among the many wonders of the fall season is that it brings about with it not only enchanting colors but a variety of flavors as well. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Yui, one of my best friends, to indulge in some of the season’s sweets. We originally recorded a video for it, but as luck would have it, the file got corrupted. Imagine the horror of devouring all these yummy treats, only to find out that the footage is unusable. Luckily, I managed to save some of the shots, so here they are, preserved in their aesthetic best, right before they made their way through our tummies.

Chestnut-flavored Bouchée/Anovan
JPY 300

Chestnut-flavored Bouchée by Anovan

“Busse” as it is pronounced in Japanese usually comes in different flavors, but come fall and the chestnut flavor joins the list of options as well. The filling was thick and full of flavor, but I wasn’t a big fan of the buns. Continue reading “Sweet Flavors of Fall: Enjoying Sweets in Japan”

Girls Gone Kyoto: Monkeys, Spice Challenge and the Scariest Shrine We’ve Been To

Aoi visits her hometown and sees it anew. Mizhelle gets pensive as she goes to a shrine for cutting ties. Mihyun drinks, and drinks again.

A Filipino, a Japanese and a Korean – let this troublesome trio take you to the breathtaking scenes of Kyoto, as they forge friendship with good food, great fun, and a gargantuan appetite for Nihonshu… I mean life. An appetite for life and all its ups and downs.

Our Itinerary:
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