[Hiroshima] On Peace and Politics: The Atomic Bomb Dome

Date Visited: December 19, 2017

It was a strange thing. Right before me was a building caught in a perpetual state of ruin, not an inch different than from when an atomic bomb first hit it in 1945.  Continue reading “[Hiroshima] On Peace and Politics: The Atomic Bomb Dome”


Early Spring Stroll at Hamarikyu Gardens

Date Visited: March 12, 2017

Nestled in the urban jungle of Shimbashi is the curious world of Hamarikyu Gardens. I say curious because big public parks in Tokyo are usually enclosed in such a way that stepping into them takes you into a different world altogether; Hamarikyu, on the other hand, makes you rediscover the vastness of the sky.

This is in itself a good thing, but it also makes for a peculiar experience. At Hamarikyu, nature and traditional structures abound, but the presence of tall, proud buildings standing in the distance also cannot be ignored. The result, at least for me, is a discord in time and space; a conflation of relaxation and stress, as if reminding the visitor that one cannot exist without the other.

A pond and an arch bridge, with tall buildings in the distance

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