Girls Gone Kyoto: Monkeys, Spice Challenge and the Scariest Shrine We’ve Been To

Aoi visits her hometown and sees it anew. Mizhelle gets pensive as she goes to a shrine for cutting ties. Mihyun drinks, and drinks again.

A Filipino, a Japanese and a Korean – let this troublesome trio take you to the breathtaking scenes of Kyoto, as they forge friendship with good food, great fun, and a gargantuan appetite for Nihonshu… I mean life. An appetite for life and all its ups and downs.

Our Itinerary:

Day 1

  • Suzuki Shofudo
    A washi (Japanese paper) specialty shop. Their goods range from paper to products with washi designs like tea containers and pasta cases.
  • Nishiki Market 
    If you you want to do tabearuki (eating while walking), this is definitely the place. It’s a place packed with as many people as there are choices for food.

Day 2

  • Arashiyama
    To go to Arashiyama, you will have to board the incredibly cute streetcar called “Randen.” As soon as you get off the station, you will be surrounded with plenty of quirky shops. Don’t forget to get a frozen beer. That always hits the spot.
  • Arashiyama Monkey Park
    There’s a 20-minute hike to get to where the monkeys are, but it’s totally worth it if you love animals. The monkeys were pretty relaxed when we were there, probably because it was raining, but the signs on site tell visitors to be careful around the monkeys, and specifically not to make eye contact.
  • Fufu no Yu
    The perfect pitstop after Arashiyama Monkey Park. Soak our tired legs and was the dirt off your skin as you enjoy the baths.
    A quirky little shop that sells mostly cat goods, and an odd character named Daniel.

Day 3

  • Yasui Konpiragu
    An “enkiri jinja,” or a shrine for cutting ties. It features a huge rock that with a small opening that you have to pass through twice — once for severing bad ties, and the second time for binding good luck.
  • Tsujiri
    People line up for their green tea sweets. I had the Tsujiri Parfait and it was all matcha goodness.
  • Fushimi Canal Cruise
    Just lovely. The willow trees are a sight to see.
  • Fushimi breweries
    Most of them offer sake tasting for about a thousand yen, where you get three cups of three different varieties. A pretty good deal for someone who loves liquor.



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