Where to Find Moomin Train Stamps along the Isumi Line

Part of the joys of being a train enthusiast in Japan is collecting train stamps. Sounds pretty geeky, but it can get quite addictive as you keep traveling. I bought my train stamp book from Maruzen and have been using it as one of the ways to record my travels.

My beloved train stamp book/passport

Isumi Railway’s stamps can be found at the stations and trains cars listed below. One of the ticket types includes a “stamprary” — a piece of paper you can use to collect your stamps with.

  1. Moomin – Ōtaki Station shop
  2. Snorkmaiden – Ōhara Station shop
  3. Little My – Kuniyoshi Station shop
  4. Snufkin – Train No. 351
  5. Moominpappa & Moominmamma – Train No. 301
  6. Sniff – Train No. 302
Isumi Railway’s stamprary

According to the staff from whom I bought my ticket, it’s difficult to collect all stamps in one day, but it’s nevertheless doable. I managed to get only 3 of the 6 listed here. The ones in station shops are the easier ones to get as they stay in the same place. My advise for getting the ones in train cars is to take a look at the train schedule (Japanese only) for the day and time your travels.

Happy collecting!


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