[Shizuoka] Kunōzan Tōshōgū

When Tokugawa Ieyasu died, Kunōzan Tōshōgū in Shizuoka Prefecture was built to enshrine his remains. They were lated moved to Nikko, but it is said that a part still remains in its original resting place. To this day, Kunōzan Tōshōgū remains a spectacular feat—an ornate shrine fit for a fearsome ruler. Check outthe video below for more information.



Kunōzan Tōshōgū Shrine and Museum

Google Maps URL
Business Hours: 
08:30-17:00 (April to September); 08:30-16:00 (October to March). Ropeway may not be available in December due to maintenance.
Admission Fees:

Shrine & Museum

Shrine Only Museum Only Shrine + Museum
Adult (16 and up) JPY 500 400 800
Child (6-15) 200 150 300

Nihondaira Ropeway 
09:10-17:15 (April to September)
09:10-16:15 (October to March)

One-way Round trip +Shrine & Museum
Adult (13 and up) JPY 600 1,150 1,750
Child 300 550 1,300 (13-15 y.o.)
800 (6-12 y.o.)

Access: From Shizuoka Station, you can either take the bus going to Nihondaira or Kunōzanshita. Fare costs JPY 440 (one-way).
Recommended Route: The route I took was bus to Kunōzanshita (approx 30 mins) → 1,000 stone steps (20-30 mins) → Kunōzan Tōshōgū Shrine → Museum → Ropeway to Nihondaira → Nihondaira → Bus to Shizuoka Station. The bus times on Google Maps are pretty accurate and reliable.
Others: Audio guide available for JPY 500/unit.


14 thoughts on “[Shizuoka] Kunōzan Tōshōgū

  1. I’d never heard of the KUNŌZAN TŌSHŌGŪ SHRINE. I’d love to learn more of the history behind who he was and why he was such a fearsome ruler. A bonus has to be seeing Mount Fuji from such a great vantage point, but either way, the views are really pretty!


  2. Thanks for the tips about Kunōzan Tōshōgū. I didn’t know about this shrine before. I would definitely include this in my to-go places in Japan. Those decors look marvelous. Thanks for the video, it makes the place so alive!


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