If you’re wondering what life in Tokyo is like, it depends on who you ask. This is my own personal take on it. In here you will find lifestyle and travel articles, interviews, news, translations, and quite possibly, some respite from the pandemonium that is everyday life.


There is quite an abundance of English articles by foreigners whining about how they thought they would be popular in Japan, only to find out that nobody gives a damn. I’d like to write about other aspects of Japanese living, perhaps ones that do not involve such grievances.


My name is Mizhelle and I’m from the Philippines. I came to Tokyo to pursue higher education, until the combination of living on a measly stipend and a heck of a busy schedule crushed whatever academic aspirations I had. After obtaining my master’s degree, I called it quits with academia and decided to, quite simply, live.

You can contact me here.


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