Riding the Moomin Train in Chiba (Video)

One of the most exciting ways to explore Japan is by rail. On the first installment of Railway Diaries, we ride Isumi Railway’s Moomin Train. Join me on a one-day trip to see Chiba’s gorgeous green fields and historic towns.

More info to follow on a separate post.


Jealousy in Japanese

Yakimochi – literally grilled rice cake. Why is this word used to refer to jealousy? This video explains a bit of the word’s etymology as well as how it is used.


Pintas & Christmas Nitpicking

In the Philippines, the culture of nitpicking is so prevalent that people feel entitled to comment on another person’s physical attributes all the time, most especially during the holiday season. I think we need to re-examine our attitude toward this. We all deserve to be happy, regardless of our physical make-up.

6 Japanese Words for the Lovelorn

It’s rather easy to pick up Japanese vocabulary related to love and relationships when you’re exposed to popular media. Just listening to a song or watching a drama could help you learn expressions that depict love in all its wondrous glory. For this video, however, I focused on the messy side of romantic endeavors. So if you’re feeling unhappy in love, let’s learn a few words and drink to that.


01. 別れた(wakareta; verb, past plain form) 

meaning: to break up

Kareshi to wakareta.
My boyfriend and I broke up. Continue reading