Autumn Walks: Hibiya Park

Autumn is my favorite among the seasons, perhaps because prior to coming to Japan I’ve never really experienced it. I love taking walks during this season, most especially taking pictures of fall foliage.

Last Sunday, I spent some quiet time at Hibiya Park. It’s funny how this place rests in the concrete jungle that is Chiyoda Ward. It is a world unaffected by deadlines and rush hours, providing respite to the overworked Tokyo dweller.

Most of the leaves still wore the proud green of summer when I went, but a few had given way for yellow and red to take over. It was a very pleasant day for rest and retrospect.




Of Flowers and Lanterns: The Zama Sunflower Festival & Asakusa Tōrō Nagashi


Summer is sizzling in Tokyo and the heat is just unbearable. You’d think that because I’m from the Philippines I’d  be immune to the summer heat, right? Not quite. Japanese summer is just way too humid for my liking.

So what’s the most sensible thing to do during this season? Well, you can either surrender to the heat and laze about, or attempt to beat it by going out and having fun. I obviously opted for the latter, and so here’s a rundown of two summer events I went to: the Zama Sunflower Festival and the Asakusa Tōrō Nagashi. Continue reading