Pintas & Christmas Nitpicking

In the Philippines, the culture of nitpicking is so prevalent that people feel entitled to comment on another person's physical attributes all the time, most especially during the holiday season. I think we need to re-examine our attitude toward this. We all deserve to be happy, regardless of our physical make-up.


Woman – Superfly (Lyrics & Translation) This is a free and unofficial translation. Kindly give credit upon use. Woman Performed by: Superfly Words: BONNIE PINK Music: BONNIE PINK Translation: Mizhelle Lyrics Translation Woman shippai suru Jikan mo okane mo nai Dokyō de hana sakasu sekaiKakko tsukete cha hajimannai Kage de nuru lipstick Ā kinō nomisugite osaenai kedo hada chōshi ii … Continue reading Woman – Superfly (Lyrics & Translation)


The naturally-occurring patterns that we find in nature always leave me awestruck. It makes me realize how clever and wonderful the design of the universe is, and how this design lives in all of us. I like to think this way, because by default it makes our design flawless, no matter how much other people … Continue reading Branches